Wer glaubt, die Zeit militärischer Kampfroboter liege noch irgendwo in ferner Zukunft, irrt. Bereits heute sind in Afghanistan und Irak Roboter im Einsatz. Auf dem Bild ist der PackBot von IRobot zu sehen.

Der für seinen automatischen Staubsauger bekannt gewordene amerikanische Hersteller IRobot hat in Zusammenarbeit mit der Boston University einen Anti-Sniper-Roboter angekündigt: „REDOWL, or Robot Enhanced Detection Outpost with Lasers, can detect and locate snipers and mortars on the very first shot fired at personnel or vehicles.“

Und weiter:

„REDOWL is a remote, deployable sensor suite designed to provide early warning information, gunshot detection, intelligence, surveillance and targeting capabilities to military forces and government agencies. The REDOWL equipped PackBot has been field-tested for the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force at a rifle and trapshooting range. Of the more than 150 rounds fired from 9 mm pistols, M-16 and AK-47 rifles from over 100 meters, the REDOWL system located the source of the gunfire successfully 94 percent of the time.“

Hiawatha Bray vom Boston Globe hatte Gelegenheit, das System im Einsatz zu sehen:

„IRobot demonstrated the system, called REDOWL (for Robot Enhanced Detection Outpost with Lasers), at the Association of the United States Army convention in Washington yesterday. Testers struck pieces of metal to simulate gunshots. REDOWL quickly aimed its infrared camera and laser rangefinder at the source of the noise, just as it did in tests at a Medfield gun range.“

REDOWL ist zwar für Kampfeinsätze vorgesehen, soll aber nicht selbst kämpfen:

„In theory, a REDOWL system could fire back at an enemy, but Thoren (deputy director of the Boston University Photonics Center) said the hardware isn’t strong enough to support the weight of a gun. Besides, he said, it would be dangerous to have a weapon-toting robot that could open fire on its own.“

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