Checkpoint kauft Snort-Entwickler

Ups, Checkpoint will Sourcefire schlucken. Das Unternehmen hat das Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Snort entwickelt. Laut Pressemitteilung wird Checkpoint 225 Millionen Dollar für Sourcefire bezahlen.

Nach Aussage von Martin Rösch, Gründer und CTO von Sourcefire, soll die Open-Source-Software weiterhin frei bleiben:

„I’ll start by stating again what I’ve stated in the past, Snort is now and will continue to be free to end-users. We will continue to develop and distribute the Snort engine under the GPL, improve and document the program to stay on the cutting edge and expand the web site. The community continues, as always, to be important to us as a group of people who use the code pervasively throughout the entire Internet, report on problems and make suggestions and contributions to the project. Check Point is very excited about continuing Sourcefire’s involvement with the open source community!“

Eben diese Community ist natürlich beunruhigt, aber momentan scheint noch ein vorsichtiger Optimismus vorzuherrschen:

„The good thing is that Snort is GPL. If CheckPoint/Sourcefire decides to take the current code base and relicense it, we’ve still got what’s been previously released under the GPL. You can’t take back licensing something under the GPL, that’s why it’s been called „viral“. Push come to shove, Snort could be forked from the current GPL codebase into a new project. It’s happened before in other situations.“

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