Infos zu Vmware Workstation 6

Ein paar Infos zur nächsten Workstation-Version von Vmware:

# Record/replay – which allows you to record entire the runtime state of the VM as it changes, and then play it back for debugging purposes
# Support for Vista as host and guest, and for Solaris 10 as a guest
# Virtual battery for laptops that shows battery life
# Easy virtual disk mounting for Windows so you can mount a VM disk file as a drive
# New virtual hardware to include USB2 and a 64-bit sound driver
# Max RAM moves from 4GB to 8GB
# Improved and more flexible shared folders
# Cross-platform drag and drop and copy/paste operations
# Improved inter-operability with remote control software such as VNC
# Support for multiple displays
# Experimental support for quad-core machines and more virtual PCI slots


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