Rapid Gun 03-03-08: Vmsafe, Vipre Antivirus, Botviren und Rootkits

  • Mehr Infos zu Vmsafe: „VMsafe is an interface allowing security vendors to protect virtual machines without having to install agents inside each guest operating system.“(Noch mehr Infos.)
  • Vipre Antivirus von Sunbelt Software geht in die Beta-Phase: „VIPRE is a completely new, built-from-scratch antivirus and antispyware product. The antivirus engine is our own creation, not licensed from another company.“
  • Sieben Botviren sind für etwa 85 Prozent des weltweiten Spams verantwortlich. Und es gibt einen neuen Star am Botnetz-Himmel: „Srizbi has now taken over as the leader of the spam pack responsible for nearly 40% of spam.“
  • Zeit für ein Update des VLC Media Players auf Version 0.8.6e. Security Advisory 0801: „If successful, a malicious third party could remotely use the Web interface or the Real RTSP demuxer or locally trigger the subtitles parser to execute arbitrary code within the context of VLC media player or crash the current player instance.“
  • Infos von F-Secure zum MBR-Rootkit (Master Boot Record) Mebroot: „This new Windows MBR rootkit launches itself very early during the Windows startup process without requiring any registry or file modifications. In fact, it is quite surprising that it’s possible to write to the MBR from within Windows to begin with.“

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