Heathrow Terminal 5 – a bit like the Titanic

As chaos broke out at Heathrow Terminal Five, BA bosses were throwing a party to congratulate themselves on a job well done.

A free buffet, doughnuts and soft drinks were laid on at the T5 Celebration Party as BA managers enjoyed music from a string quartet. Staff were also given boxes of chocolates and commemorative T5 pens.

Meanwhile the new terminal was in meltdown with flights cancelled, bags lost and staff unable to find parking spaces.

And as thousands of passengers faced misery, BA Chief Executive Officer Willie Walsh gave a speech at the party thanking his team for their good work.

Last night an airport source said: „It was a bit like the Titanic – as the ship went down the band kept on playing. It’s extraordinary that managers felt they should have a party at a time when front-line staff were being screamed at by the public.

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