War in Georgia Wrap-Up

Ausführliche Analyse über den Krieg in Georgien:

[…] armies don’t move spontaneously. Saakashvili’s claims that attacks by the Ossetians in the few hours between when he called for a cease-fire and the Georgian assault began were what made him decide to order that „defensive action“ simply doesn’t fly. This was a pre-planned assault that had Tskhinvali encircled, the Ossetian defences overwhelmed, and the high ground around the city taken over for artillery barrages in a very short time by several units moving in unison. From what I can tell from the calls by the Georgian military for the civilian population of the city to start north, they may have been hoping to drive most of the separatist population out of the country, (which explains, if in a particularly unsympathetic way, their unusual decision not to block the Roki tunnel).

Quelle: The Newshoggers

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